Filing: Railex Specialist Files

File Storage:

There are 3 different types of files we offer for the Railex storage system, and a huge variety of sizes. Below is an overview of the different types of files available and their features:

Railex Polypropylene (PP) File:

The most popular, strong file in the range, Polypropylene files are tough transparent files IDEAL for storage of cutting foils and PCB templates:

- Manufactured from 500 micron thick polypropylene
- Environmentally friendly
- Anti-static and rip-resistant
- Dust cover flap to store and keep items in perfect condition
- Label holders with inserts available as an optional extra
- Contents easily identified as files are transparent
- 2 hood-and-loop closures
- Variety of 7 sizes available from standard A4 (297 x 210mm) up to a massive 622 x 746mm, 25mm capacity
- Semi transparent so contents can be identified easily.

Railex Presspahn (PD) File:

PD files are designed to securely store specialist printing equipment such as litho plates, wraps, cutting foils and PCB templates. They are a highly effective and cost effective method of storing such valuable tools and files.

- Made from sturdy 380 micron presspahn board reinforced tops
- 25 mm capacity
- Easy access through folded front flap
- Include integral label holder and inserts
- Handy finger grip
- Hangs with 2 or 4 metal hooks
- Available in the widest range of up to 16 sizes, ranging from a foolscap size of 330 x 210mm up to 815 x 1095mm

Railex FM File:

Railex FM files were originally made to store film negatives, artwork and x-rays with PH neutral inner layer to protect such items. Over time they have found their way into the printing industry as a relatively cheap but effective way to store flexo plates and also basic items such as job sheets and job information to keep these within the Railex storage filing system.

- FM files can hold up to 50 sheets of sheets or film
- 10 mm capacity
- Made from a dual coloured board with the inner whith the inner white file being pH neutral to protect the contents
- Includes a flexible title holder and inset for easy indexing and identification
- The files hangs on either 2 or 4 strong metal Railex hooks
- Available in 6 size options (385 x 255mm up to 795 x 1030mm)