Railex understand the value of quality items and as such have developed a range of specialist storage files and storage systems to store high value, delicate items. Primarily these have been developed for the printing plates and graphic arts as these need to be stored efficiently to maintain their value. 


 The Label and Printing industry use high value printing plates to run their printing every day. Therefore it is vital that these plates are kept in optimum condition, stored efficiently and easily found.

Railex have a range of storage racks and rails to organise and file such high value items effectively. We also offer a rang of types and sizes of files to store these items, keeping them in the best possible condition. This range includes premium dust proof anti-static files for high value items, tough Presspahn files for general plate storage and general board files for everyday items and paperwork.


For the Graphic Arts industry these files are of just as much importance to store and maintain the value of valuable drawings, art, film etc. The range includes dust proof anti-static files for premium protection, strong durable files and FM files which have a special pH neutral inner files to protect any valuable paper and can also be used for film negatives (including x-rays). These files come in a variety of sizes to accommodate even the larger items which require adequate storage.