Railex understand the value of quality items and as such have developed a range of specialist storage files and storage systems to store high value, delicate items. Primarily these have been developed for the printing plates and graphic arts as these need to be stored efficiently to maintain their value. 


 The Label and Printing industry use high value printing plates to run their printing every day. Therefore it is vital that these plates are kept in optimum condition, stored efficiently and easily found.

Railex have a range of storage racks and rails to organise and file such high value items effectively. We also offer a rang of types and sizes of files to store these items, keeping them in the best possible condition. This range includes premium dust proof anti-static files for high value items, tough Presspahn files for general plate storage and general board files for everyday items and paperwork.


For the Graphic Arts industry these files are of just as much importance to store and maintain the value of valuable drawings, art, film etc. The range includes dust proof anti-static files for premium protection, strong durable files and FM files which have a special pH neutral inner files to protect any valuable paper and can also be used for film negatives (including x-rays). These files come in a variety of sizes to accommodate even the larger items which require adequate storage.


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About Railex Confidential Shredding

Railex ShreddingRailex Confidential Shredding is a free service that track and monitor all products to be shredded from pick up to end shredded materials. These are then passed on for recycling, providing an environmentally friendly method to dispose of your paper waste.

Railex provide shredding bags and/or bins for file and paper waste, including any documents of a sensitive nature.  Once the bags are filled and the provided security tag has been used to seal the bag they can then be collected, tracked back to the plant and destroyed according to legislative practices and standards.

Benefits of Railex Confidential Shredding:

  • Free up valuable space in your office
  • Save your company time and money
  • Help keep on top of your document management system
  • Peace of mind knowing your documents have been destroyed according to legislative practices and standards
  • Disposal of waste is environmentally friendly as shredded materials are recycled
  • Process is simple and free

How it Works?

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Why Use Confidential Shredding?

Under the Data Protection Act you must destroy, under secure conditions, any data containing personal information. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.  Examples of such data include payroll, financial information, personnel and customer records etc.

Trust Railex:

You can trust Railex to this for you, Railex:

  • Are registered carriers of waste under the Duty of Care of the Environment Protection Act
  • Members of (BSIA) British Security Industry Association
  • Members of (UKSSA) United Kingdom Security Shredding Association
  • ISO9001:2008 accredited
  • Track all bags and vehicles
  • Destroy all materials to agreed Ministry of Defence standard size
  • Use numbered seals and produce an Approved Destruction Certificate post shredding disposal

Contact Us:

Railex Recycling LogoContact us to find out more or to order your shredding bags today:

Tel: 01704 222111

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Label printing is a flourishing growth industry, as such it requires the most up to date production systems to cope with ever increasing demand.

The process of operating the printing equipment requires that the operator has rapid and convenient access to the 'print plates', which are used in conjunction with the machinery, to enable the manufacturing of the labels themselves.

With this in mind, Railex have created the fastest and most cost-effective label cutter storage system, currently available on the market.

The Railex label printer storage system has been designed to:

·     Allow quick, easy retrieval and storage of cutting dies, plates and films up to 800mm x 1000mm.

·      Protect the valuable contents from damage and dust with tough, durable files.

·    Save a huge amount of space, by storing the cutting dies vertically instead of in tubes.

Provide many years of service in an industrial environment.

Railex Storage Systems:

The most popular option for storage of printing plates, cutting tools, media etc. is he Railex Quickrack but more more convenient and less density requirements we also offer Railex Wall Mounted Rails. See below for more details:

Railex Quickrack:

A very simple and cost effective answer to graphic arts and printing tools filing and storgae. A self-assembly kit which when built forms a filing unit more than strong enough to hold a fully laden graphic arts filing sysem:

  • Railex Quickrack will save you space, time and money
  • Quickracks are easy assembly items - simply slot together
  • Available with wheels on smaller models for extra mobility.
  •  Available in 3 heights, 4 depths and 2 colour choices, with suspension railes included for your files.
  • Extra strong rails capable of holing over one tonne in weight.


Railex Wall Mounted Rail:

Short on space? Railex can manufacture railex that can be mounted on a wall or to fit your existing units - even under your desk.