Railex Filing - Label Print Storage System

Railex Filing Quickrack with files

Label printing is a flourishing growth industry, and as such requires the most up to date production systems, in order to cope with the ever increasing demand. The process of operating the printing equipment requires that the operator has rapid and convenient access to the 'print plates', which are used in conjunction with the machinery, to enable the manufacturing of the labels themselves. With this in mind, Railex have created the fastest and most cost-effective label cutter storage system, currently available on the market.

The Railex label printer storage system has been designed to:

  • Allow quick and easy retrieval and storage of cutting dies, plates and films up to 800mm x 1000mm.
  • Protect the contents from damage and dust.
  • Save space, by storing the cutting dies vertically instead of in tubes.
  • Provide many years of service in an industrial environment

Railex Filing Quickrack in use

Advantages of a Railex Quickrack storage system  

When a company has invested in the latest press technology, it simply cannot afford to have expensive machines stood idle whilst the operator searches for the next tool or plate. By using Railex label printer storage products the next tool will always be ready and - importantly - it will be in perfect condition.

Railex hanging file systems take up less space than storing in tubes. By storing the cutting dies vertically inside specially designed hanging wallets it can be shown that double the number of jobs can be stored in the same space.

All Railex products are manufactured to the highest standards from the strongest materials we can find. So whether you require an anti-static, clean room solution or a hard-wearing industrial solution you can rely on Railex to provide the solution.

This year we are debuting exciting new coloured polyproylene for our PP file range. The contents therein can then be colour coded, meaning the correct tool is more conveniently accessed. The colours also emphasise the attractive appearance of the filing system.

Railex Polypropylene Colour PP Files

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